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Adventure Racing World Series Announces Canada as the
2025 World Championships Destination!

"We are very excited to be organizing a World Champs event in North America. It's time.  It has been years since we have had a World Champs in that part of the World.  Adventure Racing World Series has gotten to the place where we have covered Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, and now to take it to Canada, and have an all Canadian team of Race organizers, we can't be happier. The Adventure Racing World Series is ecstatic about the new team Expedition Canada have built, and we are confident that they will put on an amazing event with us, and it will be executed professionally.  To add to that, in 2 years time, with the advancement in technology and media, we can really take adventure racing to the next level.  We know that this Canadian organizing team is very driven towards media, and awareness and growth of the sport.  It's fitting and it's time for Canada to shine on this world stage.  I wish them all the best as they get ready for 2025 and I have all the confidence that they will help this sport excel into the future."    - Heidi Muller, Owner of ARWS - Adventure Racing World Series


Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Up to 10 Days 

700+ kms

Rugged Terrain

Amazing people & culture

Experience Canada


"I kept thinking to myself, Ironman's are easy"

- Dream Adventure

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