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About the Course

Expedition Canada is the ultimate adventure race experience. It will test your physical and mental limits over 4-6 days, non-stop without any support. 


The race start location is TBD but will be in the world-famous Okanagan Valley. The end location will be announced closer to the event date. 

Novice teams are welcome to enter Expedition Canada, however, must realize that it will be hard, and technical, and you may not want to finish the race. In saying that, novice teams have finished in the past. What we do guarantee is that you will have an unforgettable adventure. 

The course will be approximately 580 km long and includes a variety of disciplines.


The 2023 course will be approximately 580 km long and includes a variety of disciplines.


To foster an adventurous spirit, and save some excitement and challenge for race day, the exact course will not be released until a couple of hours before the event. All teams will be given the course at the same time, at the same course briefing in a locked-down room. 

The course outline and logistic diagram will be released approximately three weeks before the race.  

Race Disciplines

Expedition Canada will include the following disciplines. It is important for each team to be well-practiced in these areas. Navigation can mean the difference between coming first or second, finishing or not finishing. Good route planning skills will be an advantage, and could definitely save your team many hours of hard work! 

Trekking or Trail Running

The Okanagan has some of the best trail systems you can imagine. Expect traveling in different terrain and elevations ranging from 300 to 2,300m.


Expect some orienteering at some point during the course as there will be a little rogaine style section. It is recommended that all racers take part in an orienteering 101 course.


Mountain Biking

Mountain Bikes are compulsory. cyclo-cross, road bikes, e-bikes, and all other bicycles will not be allowed. You will experience some of the best trails around western Canada, we guarantee you'll want a standard mountain bike for this. The riding legs will be a mix of technical single tracks, quad trails, and some roads but expect to be on sweet single trails a lot more than you are used to during an expedition race.



Most of the paddling will be on fast-moving water in pack rafts. Some of the paddling will be in canoes. Canoes are provided by the Organization but Packrafts are the responsibility of the racers to bring their own.


There will be rope sections which will include rappelling and ziplining.

Cut Offs

We are expecting the winners to come in 4 days.


The course will be open for just over 6 days in order to give the less experienced teams a chance to finish an Expedition race.

There will be one dark zone and some optional controls.

Live Race Tracking

Each team will be given a tracking device. Friends and family will be able to follow their progress live online.

Our media team will be on hand to capture the racers in action each day. You can expect to follow along on our social channels for daily updates. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to see all the action.

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