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Hosted in and around the Okanagan Valley in BC, Western Canada, set in uniquely beautiful and geologically formidable terrain. Athletes can expect to disappear into a spectacular region showing off deep valleys, impressive lakes, rugged high alpine peaks, and world-famous rock formations.  From the desert to snowy peaks, sometimes on the same day, the seemingly never-ending forests, waterways, high country meadows and trail networks are but a few of the highlights of the area.

About the Race

Date: May 23 - 29, 2023

Location: Kelowna, BC, Canada

Duration: 4-6 days

Entries: Open Now!

Team Size: 4 Person Teams

Part of the ARWS 

Expedition Canada 2023

Expedition Canada is a 4-6 day adventure race involving trekking, trail running, mountain biking, kayaking and canoeing, orienteering, and rappelling. Mixed, Male, Female, Young and Masters teams of 4 must navigate their way, unsupported through arduous 580km course that is only revealed to them hours before. This is an exciting but challenging race. We guarantee a race to remember. 

Wow! That was a roller coaster like none others.. I never thought that directing an expedition race would be at the same time so hard and so rewarding. At first I thought that getting everyone to the start line would be the hardest. Then the race started and I absorbed my stress but also all the racers feelings. I felt like a mama bear who was losing her mind worrying about everybody out there. The weather threw some wrenches in our plans and we had to constantly adapt our plans but thanks to the Hoodoo Adventures Co team, the awesome volunteers and the extraordinary media crew, the race was a success in the end.  

— Nathalie Long, Race Director

Each year a new and exciting course is developed by our race director, Nathalie Long and her team. 


The course outline and logistic diagram will be released approximately three weeks before the race and maps and more details about each legs will be delivered a couple hours before race start in a lock down room.

We are expecting the winners to finish within the first 4 days. The course will be open for just over 6 days in order to give less experienced team a chance to finish.

There will be no mandatory stops and no optional controls.

Teams will be carrying tracking devices so friends and family can follow each team live in real-time. Our media team will be posting daily pictures and video highlights on our social channels as well as other media partners giving hourly race summaries.

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