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Team Rocky Mountain AR

Chris Fenlon-MacDonald, Laval St Germain,
Lindsay Watson & Sebastian Fallu

Peanut butter and jelly; Converse and high socks; Nutella and raisins (you’ll thank us later). Like all these, Rocky Mountain AR is another great, timeless combo that is ready to take on Expedition Canada. Our fabulous four are made up of modern-day explorer Laval St.Germain, who is known for his success on Everest and record solo crossing of the Atlantic; Lindsay Watson, an all-smiles fisheries biologist who spends her spare time taking on ultra-marathons and riding her quiver of bikes; Sebastian Fallu, who is equal parts best friend, father figure and adventurous spirit (trust us, that's a hard combo to come by!); and lastly, Chris Fen-Mac, the reason we’re all here – we’ll blame him later. We aim to race hard, have fun, not take ourselves too seriously and exemplify the teamwork that makes this dream work!


Team Skunked

Eric Hart, Jarod Hart, Dustin Smith & Jessica Pendleton

Team Skunked, Consists of Eric Hart (55), team captain, plans to retire from racing after this race. Dustin Smith (36), co- navigator, team workhorse.

Jarod Hart (18), co- navigator, one armed wonder and Jessica Pendleton (44), most recent regular of team Skunked, bringing huge amounts of enthusiasm. This will be the largest single event for Team Skunked, individually and as a team. We are super excited to explore and what this race has to offer. 

GRIT Racing (WT 2021 Post Race).jpeg

Team GRIT Racing

Ross Brittle, Phil Kazmaier, Heather Rambukkana & Ben Waug

GRIT Racing is an Ontario-based adventure racing team with a lot of AR/endurance racing experience (Orienteering, 8-24 hour AR, ultras/marathon etc), but this will be their first foray into an expedition length race. Their keys to success are a consistent pace, great snacks, and positive attitude which only improves as races go deeper. Will this strategy carry them to a full course finish on an expedition length course? That's the goal and we'll find out in June!  


Team Sasquatch Racing

Ryan Simpson, Andrew Stuntz, Mark Brainard & Tabby Cavendish

Sasquatch Racing is from the Pacific NW, it's three founding members reside and train in the greater Seattle area. Andrew Stuntz, 28 from Lake City, CO. Mark Brainard, 54 from Redford, MI. Ryan Simpson, 44 from Puyallup, WA. We have done several "shorter" races with our longest race being the 24 hour Teton Ogre in June 2021. This is our teams first expedition length race and are excited to take on this challenge. Our goal is to successfully clear the course at a pace that will hopefully land us in the middle of the pack. Fun fact, we all completed our first adventure race as single racers in the 2020 Lapine Loop hosted by Bend Racing. Little did we know we would join up and make a team for an expedition race. Let's go!!

Screenshot 2022-03-14 at 16.38.23.png

Team Dream

Maggie Kirkwood, Alexander Emeny, William Hitchon & Julian Alvarez Silva

This newly formulated racing team features a smorgasbord of not so hidden talents that will be put to the test this upcoming summer. The team is made up of Julian, Alex, Will and Maggie. Alex and Julian are the seasoned runners on the squad and have led on that they will no doubt be keeping the stoke high after having experienced the joy of expedition racing during last year's debut event! They have promised to blow up the pack rafts using only their lungs of steel while Maggie and Will catch their breath. Maggie and Will are the star crossed adventure racers of the crew - it was only a matter of time before they ended up on a team together. With a home base in Squamish, BC, you'll likely catch Maggie chomping at the bit to get on to the mountain bike legs! Will's wealth of experience in expedition racing and navigation is sure to be an asset to Team Dream, however the gang will have to work hard to keep him out of the pubs along the way. 


Team Bend Racing

Alexandre Provost, Karine Corbeil, Daniel Staudigel & Jean Yves Dionne

We are back!


We host epic Pacific Northwest adventure races and send our world-class professional team (formerly Yogaslackers) to the toughest races in the world. Known for making bold choices, having fun in the harshest conditions, and inspiring new racers, Team Bend Racing is a premier endurance race team, ranking in the top 15 worldwide.

As the defending champions and again with 3 Canadians onboard our motivation is super high and we can't wait to hit the BC spectacular mountains!


Team Thunder Baybes

Rafael Kaczmarek, Nicole Moffett, Robert Sanderson & Ashlie Ferguson

Meeting on the shores of Lake Superior on the traditional territory of Fort William First Nation, Team Thunder Baybes was formed in 2011 to participate in our 'local' adventure race Swamp Donkey. Originally an all-female team, the composition of the group has fluctuated over the years, however a shared appreciation for the moisturizing powers of stagnant swamp water has remained. For Expedition Canada, members of the Baybes have joined forces with their subsidiary-fanboy team, The Thunder Baybe Watchers, in an attempt to further exfoliate our feet and set a new maple syrup consumption record. The fearless leadership and drive of Ashlie, endless enthusiasm of Nicole combined with Raf & Rob's bladders full of borscht and sour cream respectively, Team Thunder Baybes is excited to push our limits and experience everything Expedition Canada has to offer! 


Team Henk and the Mighty Docs

Johan Van Heerden, Brett Giolma, Cole Kubay & Henk Van Aerde

Who are 'Henk and the Mighty docs' ? Picture Charlie's Angels but much less talented and significantly less attractive. Hailing from the land of milk and honey itself, our team is based out of Kamloops BC. Henk, the international man of mystery was once said to have 3 weeks in the wilderness with nothing but a single spoon and small ball of twine. Henk is the peanut butter, jelly, and the bread that holds our lives and hearts together. Johan and Brett recently completed the Sea-to-Sea expedition race in Florida and are hungry for more punishment. Cole, the trusty sidekick is here to provide witty banter and make sure the team doesn’t complete the race too quickly. This is our teams second year attempting the Expedition Canada race. After a tragic accident last year that forced our hand in calling the race early, we are fuelled and equally ready to compete this year! Our goal is simple. Finish the race and stop Johan from getting injured again.  Allons-y!


Team Strong Machine

Cliff White, Evan Moreshead, Amanda Martin & Tom Martin

The Strong Machine Adventure Racing team is based in Portland, Maine, and consists of racers from Northern New England. We have competed globally in races including the 2021 Adventure Racing World Championship, Eco-Challenge Fiji, Nordic Islands Adventure Race, ITERA Ireland, Expedition Oregon, Untamed New England, and Cowboy Tough, and we were the 2021 winners of the USARA National Points Series. Additionally, the team directs the Maine Summer Adventure Race and Wildlands Adventure Challenge.

Team Flummoxed

Jon Price, Una Hall, Chris Legge & Ken Batten

The current members of team Flummoxed haven’t raced together many times. But when we have, we’ve done well.  For two of the members it’s their first expedition race but with good team work and lots of bacon we will be successful.  While John sings and Una gets muddy we’ll work together to not get too lost and finish the full course happy and feeling accomplished.


Team No Ragrets

Mary Lampas, Cody Hidler, David Buckles & James Lampas

What do a Pharmacist, Teacher, Cartographer, and Stay at Home Dad have in common? We are the competitive new adventure racing team ready to tackle the challenge of Expedition Canada. We are a group of athletes and friends that have always been just crazy enough to find joy in hard work and pushing our limits. We look forward to participating in our first expedition length adventure race; with a goal of putting forth our very best effort and enjoying together a bit of suffering to reach the finish line. No Ragrets! 

Team Eco AR

Brian Finestone, Jen Segger, Kevin Hodder & Phillipe Gautier

Team Eco-AR consists of Jen Segger, Dave Ellis, James Galipeau and Kevin Hodder. All members of the team live right here in British Columbia including Dave who just relocated to Canada from Australia with his family. Jen is a well-respected coach and athlete who competed on Team Bones in Eco-Challenge Fiji. James has competed in 17 ARWS races including 5 world championships! They look forward to an epic adventure in the Okanagan! 


Team Checkpoint Zero

Peter Jolles, Teresa Burke, Allen McAdams & Phil Nicolas

Checkpoint Zero, in various forms, has been racing actively in the US and around the world since 2005. Allen, Phil and Peter are all veterans of many international expedition races and have spent countless hours on race courses both day and night. Allen and Peter have raced together for a number of years, and have competed against Phil home and abroad. For this race we've teamed up with Phil and hope to learn all his secrets at what makes him so fast. Rock climbing is Teresa's passion, but along the way has competed in many triathlons, ultra marathons, 24 hour adventure races and orienteering events. This will be her first multi day expedition race and is excited to push her limits. Our goals are to have a lot of fun and to move fast on what we expect to be a beautiful race course. All of the members of this squad are great navigators, our biggest issue will be deciding who gets to play with the maps the most! The team is currently spread out across the US, coming from the states of Virginia, Minnesota and Georgia.

coming soon.jpg

Team Epic Endurance

Krystal Boyd, Bruce Hawryluk, Kelly Boyd & Anna Jones


Untitled design-16.png

Team Alpha-Dental

Bruno Rey, Pavel Paloncy, Stephanie Green & Rain Eensaar

Our team is made of experienced, famed, nice, competitive but fair adventure-racers. They promote the early days adventure-racing spirit all over the world

TeamResurgence (Instagram Post).png

Team Resurgence

Jon Hammett, Sergio Fernandez Lozada, Conrad Cormier & Ilana Kingsley

An ensemble of adventurers from the plains, the far north, and the coast mountains. Jon's from Kenosee Lake SK, biting off more than he can chew for the 2nd year in a row. Ilana is a dog musher based in Whitehorse who turned to adventure racing for summer fun and is now hooked on both. Conrad is based in Vancouver and loves all things water! "Bring on the waves" he says. Sergio coming from Vancouver too, always up to get lost in the woods, and finding excuses to get a break to eat wild berries. We are all excited to test ourselves exploring the Okanagan, and we look forward to face the challenges that Expedition Canada 

Team ThoughtSport & A1

Rob Preston, Kathryn Preston, Mitch Nissen & Hilary Bell


Team Brou Brazil.jpg

Team Brou Aventuras

Jose Neto, Thiago Elias, Lyne Bessette & Andre Gouveia de Medeiros

Team Brou Aventuras from Brazil is formed by two brothers (José Neto and Thiago "Brou"), an old legend in adventure racing in Brazil (Rafa Melges) and a real legend in Canada sports - and also politics: Lyne Bessette. The brothers Brou have already been to Canada many times racing on Raid International Gaspesie, where they met Lyne. Theirs was a encounter of fierce racing together as opponents, and from this rivalry was born a friendship that took Lyne to Brasil to race and win with Thiago a brutal Mountain Bike Stage Race of 7 days (Brasil Ride 2018). This team is now together to enjoy the wilds of BC, and all of them are anxious to get to the Start Line.

Untitled design-18.png

Team Two Much Fun

Pavla Lounova & Carl  Barrett

Team Two Much Fun is looking forward to meeting each other for the first time on the start line!  Fuelled by positive attitudes and seeking fun adventure, their goal is to complete the course and push their limits. 


Pavla is a local weekend warrior with some adventure racing experience dating back to the Canadian Raid the North series. Most recently her racing focus has been on the OCR circuit. Expedition Canada will be her first expedition length race and she looks forward to its obstacles being more challenging and cold beer at the finish line more satisfying. 


Carl is a long time triathlete and marathoner and one-day Adventure racer. After growing up in England, and raising a family in Newfoundland he is always looking for a new challenge. He is very excited for his first Expedition length race, exploring the BC wilderness and looking forward to post-race ice cream!

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