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Hoodoo Adventures Racing Camps

If you are wondering what Adventure Racing is all about, Hoodoo Adventures is running some very fun Adventure Racing Camps. If you are interested please email

Jen Segger Endurance Coaching 


Sought out for her expertise in endurance training protocols, Jen has become a recognized name and leader in the coaching industry over the past 15 years.  Her athletes are located all over the world and range from the total newbie to the elite.  As a 20 year veteran of adventure racing, Jen has been racing at the highest level in the sport for several of the best teams in the USA and Internationally.  From winning world championship qualifiers to top podium finishes at the hardest races globally, Jen applies her knowledge and experience to all those she coaches.  After closing the doors to her successful high performance training studio in Squamish several years ago, Jen now works exclusively online, allowing athletes to better access her services. In addition to the individualized training plans that Jen writes, her athletes receive sport specific and individual guidance in nutrition as it relates to meeting the demands and stress of training.  She is also a certified strength & conditioning coach who highly encourages the application of a well rounded pre-hab, mobility and progressive strength plan that is specific to each person.  More recently, Jen has carved out a new niche for herself within the coaching realm as she applies the latest in performance research to her female clients, ensuring that these athletes are working with their own unique female physiology and not against it. She has dove into the connected application between endurance sports and applying measures to keep hormones happy, no matter what phase of life a female athlete may be in.  For those not seeking 1:1 personalized guidance but are still looking for a very comprehensive and performance based program, Jen has 3 new adventure racing training courses becoming available in 2021.  These virtual 5 month learning opportunities are designed to prepare athletes for 6hr, 12hr and 24 adventure races and include everything that an athlete needs to know to be successful when they toe the line. From the daily ins and outs of training for each discipline, nutrition, hydration, gear, foot care, mindset and transitions, look no further than one of Jen's AR courses. 

Visit for more info on working with her.

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