Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to carry an additional baselayer top or bottom if I am wearing them during the race?


Does a cycle top and arm warmers (or cycle tights and leg warmers) meet the requirement for baselayer top and baselayer bottom?



Can a teammate carry my backpack? 

YES however each competitor must always wear their race bib and carry a whistle.

Can I use a packraft for the swimming section?

NO. The only things allowed for the swim section (on top of the mandatory requirements) are PFD, swimming cap, gloves and wetsuit. You won't be required to carry your mandatory equipment but you WILL HAVE to carry your Bib and a whistle.

Do we need a helmet on the paddling section?

Yes when Packrafting

Can I use my biking helmet for the rope sections?

Yes unless a different helmet is provided by the organization at the rope section.

Can I expect to see drinkable water in transitions?

Not necessarily. You should have a way to purify water with you at all time.

What canoes are we going to be paddling and what kind of configuration?

Each team will have two Nova Craft prospector 17' canoes

What are the rooms provided for the night prior to the race (June 8th?

Each team would get 2 rooms with two beds in each rooms for the night at the Sandman provided by the organization.