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  • Mixed Team (at least one teammate is female and one is male) PREMIER CATEGORY

  • Female Team

  • Male Team

  • Young Team  (sum of ages has to be 110 or less)

  • Master Team (sum of ages has to be 190 or greater)


  • 2023 Early Bird $4400 CAD - $1100 CAD/person (3400 US$ - 850 USD/person) until October 1st 2022

  • 2023 Regular price $5200 CAD - $1300 CAD/person (4015 US$ - 1004 US$/person) From October 2nd 2022 until February 1st 2023

  • 2023 Late entry $5800 CAD - $1450 CAD/person (4480 US$ - 1120 US$/person) from February 2nd 2023 till March 15th 2023

DinNer tickets for family and friends are in sales, just follow the "STORE" link on the right



  • Transfers from Penticton airport to HQ Hotel

  • Logistical support for event (no need for support crews)

  • Canoes and Ropes provided

  • On-site first response teams for emergency first aid

  • Team tracking and live race website

  • Race maps for your team

  • Official race bibs

  • Racer swag

  • Social Media access to race photos and videos

  • Award and post race party...and man we know how to party!!



  • Payments have to be made in full before the dates stated above to be able to enjoy the early early bird and early bird prices.

  • If needed payments can be debited in two payments. Contact to set it up



  • Teams can officially cancel their entry at any stage before the event by emailing the race organizer. Refunds of 50% of the entry fees will be allowed up to 3 months before the event.

  • There will be no refunds possible after March 1st.

  • Transfer of the entry to another team will be allowed but will not be the Race Organization's responsibility and Expedition Canada will not take part in the transaction. The details of the new team will have to be updated as soon as possible

  • Failing pre race checks will lead to a disqualification of the race and NO refunds will be issued

  • Registration Cancellation Insurance is available at check out. 


  • A minimum of 2 racers of each teams must have a valid First Aid certificate.

  • Each team members must have ambulance and medical insurance including medical transportation for an injury sustained during competitive event. A proof of said insurance will have to be provided prior to the race.

  • Each racers will have to agree to the conditions, declarations, and indemnifications outlined in the Acknowledgment Waiver and Release form and be willing to sign this at race registration

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