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New Partnership Set to Transform Expedition Adventure Racing in North America

Bend Racing in Oregon, Rootstock Racing in Pennsylvania, and Hoodoo Adventures in British Columbia announce a new partnership to grow the sport of multi-day expedition racing in the United States and Canada: The North American Expedition Race Series.

The series brings together premiere race organizations in the US and Canada for a two-year cycle of expedition-length adventure races across the continent. With several decades of collective experience as both racers and race directors, Chelsey and Jason Magness of Bend Racing, Abby Perkiss and Brent Freedland of Rootstock Racing, and Nathalie Long of Hoodoo Adventures look to combine their diverse experiences to highlight the unique terrain, wildlife, history, and culture that reaches across the great expanse of North America.

"It is very exciting to be a part of a series of expedition races that will not only showcase the amazing and diverse terrain we have in North America, but that will combine the decades of race experience we all have." says Long, Race Director for Hoodoo Adventures and Expedition Canada. "We believe that by bringing that experience together with the inspirational and challenging landscapes each region can offer, we can provide confidence and consistency for racers and in turn assist with the growth of the sport."

In partnership with the Adventure Racing World Series (ARWS), the North American series will host 2-3 ARWS expedition events annually. Carrying on the global momentum created by the 2020 release of Amazon Prime's "World's Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji,” these races will offer opportunities for elite multi-sport athletes to test their physical and mental limits, and they will create the space for newer adventurers to make the jump to multi-day racing in a supportive and accessible way.

Each race will have a robust media presence and be broadcast through live event tracking, social media, and professional photo and video - allowing the public to watch incredible stories unfold over several days of racing.

In addition to live tracking and robust media coverage, each event in the series will:

  • Pledge free entries to partner events as part of podium prize packages

  • Prioritize a cash podium at all series events

  • Offer prizes to top non-elite teams in the series rankings

  • Develop a standardized on-boarding program to assist newer racers ready to take on expedition racing

  • Standardize rules, gear lists, and safety protocols

  • Standardize select branding and marketing resources

  • Feature multi-disciplined courses designed to challenge and inspire racers from around the world

  • Work together to raise awareness of and increase participation in the sport of expedition adventure racing

  • Work in conjunction with the Adventure Racing World Series (ARWS)

  • Partner with the United States Adventure Racing Association (USARA)

“Expedition-length events have long been the pinnacle of the sport of adventure racing,” says Heidi Muller, International Events and Brand Director for ARWS. “The international racing community is excited to see North America step back onto the world stage with consistent high-level opportunities for teams from around the globe to explore the magnificent terrain and culture of the USA and Canada.”

In its inaugural season, the series brings together Expedition Oregon and Expedition Canada as fully-sanctioned ARWS events and the Endless Mountains Adventure Race as an ARWS demonstration race. The top North American team from each of these events will receive free entry to a series race in 2023.

“The North American Expedition Race Series will elevate expedition racing on the continent,” says Rootstock’s Abby Perkiss, “and at the same time make expedition racing more accessible to any continental racer who wants to take on the challenge and the triumph that only multi-day racing can offer, without the need for a plane or a passport. With offerings on both the east and west coast, and dates spanning spring, summer, and fall, any team interested in stepping into this level of the sport will have an opportunity.”

In 2023 and beyond, Expedition North America will include events hosted by longstanding and emerging race directors from the US and Canada, all with substantial international and multi-day experience as racers as well.

“Expedition Racing demands incredible commitment from the teams of athletes, and our vision is to collectively create race experiences that are 100% worthy of that investment,” says Jason Magness of Bend Racing. “Races that both prepare continental teams to take part in some of the biggest events scattered across the world, and also races which are grand enough to draw adventure athletes from Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and Australasia.”

Chesley Magness adds, “It’s about damn time!”

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